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Civil War Veteran Bios

Biographical information on Franklin's Civil War veterans which was compiled by students at Franklin High School under the direction of their history teacher, John Leighton, can be found by clicking on the names below. They are sorted alphabetically by last name:

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Alvin Adams, 1837-1864

Charles R. Adams, -1864

Henry P. Adams

Lowell W. Adams

William G. Adams

William M. Adams, 1843-

William W. Adams

Andrew J. Alexander

William Baldwin, -1864

Adin Ballou, 1835-1885

Caleb W. Ballou, 1829-

Owen Ellsworth Ballou, 1842-

Oscar Bassett, 1823-1901

Charles Bemis, 1841-

Seth Blake

Warren H. Bright, 1842-

Albert L. Brock, 1841-1920

Rupert Chute, 1848-

George Clark, 1842-1864

Nathan Clark, 1842-

William H. Cody

Thomas Coffield

Charles Cole

George W. Cole, 1839-

Barton A. Colvin, 1841-

Anthony Connor, 1844-

Barton F. Cook

Joseph W. Cook, 1836-

Daniel O. Corbin

Joseph P. Day, 1822-1893

Edward Dean

Cornelius Dugan

George Farrington, -1864

John Fisher, 1843-1864

Walter M. Fisher

Alfred J. Fitzpatrick, 1839-

Edward H. Freeman

Samuel E. Gay

Marcus Gilmore

William S. Gilmore, 1834-

Charles R. Gowen, 1819-

Nathaniel Grow

Wesley Haslam

Norman Hastings, 1816-1863

Frank F. Hodges

Pliny Holbrook

Samuel C. Hunt

William H. Jackson

Albert L. Jordan, 1837-

Henry Jordan

George King, -1865

Richard H. King

Emery T. Kingsbury, 1840-

George A. Kingsbury, 1838-

Henry D. Kingsbury

Eldolph Labodie

Herbert Lincoln, 1840-1862

George Mann, -1864

Eugene Marsh, 1842-

Bernard McGuire, -1863

Lewis L. Miller, 1840-1862

Granville Morse, 1843-1935

Jeremiah Murphy

Albert Davis Nason, 1841-

Charles M. Nason, 1829-1885

George W. Nason, 1834-

William E. Nason, 1832-

Albert I. Newell

Duane Newell

Olney P. Newell, 1842-1903

George L. Partridge

Whipple Peck Jr.

Horace Pillsbury, 1843-

Philip Riley, 1823-

Thomas Russell, 1845-

James M. Ryan, 1841-1874

John Sanborn, 1843-

Smith Sayles, 1839-

Thomas Sayles, 1841-

Charles Scott, 1847-

George Scott, 1846-

James Clark Simpson, 1826-

James Snow, 1834-

Michael Sullivan, 1841-

William Sullivan, 1824-

Daniel Taft, 1828-

Charles Thayer, 1840-

William Thomas, 1841-

George Thompson, 1827-

Ransom Tift, 1813-1870

Abiram Wales, 1835-

John Wales, 1834-

Lewis Wales, 1844-1863

Owen O. Wales, 1838-

Henry J. Ward, 1839-

William Warren

George White, 1836-1881

William White, 1845-

Daniel Whiting, 1839-

John Whiting, 1814-1886

Lewis Whittaker, 1830-

Sheperd Wiggin

Lewis Williams, 1820-1900

Charles Wilson, 1843-1864

Silas Wilson, 1819-

Otis Winn, 1816-1863

Horace Wood, 1838-

Josiah Wood, 1841-

George Woodward, 1836-1882

John York, 1824-1865

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