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Joseph P. Day

          Joseph P. Day was born in Pakistan, Massachusetts, in 1822 to Joseph Day and his wife Elsie Simons. He worked as a bonnet blocker, or someone who makes molds for bonnets. In August of 1862 he became part of the 35th regiment of Massachusetts. He was under the orders of Colonel Edward Wild and set off to war August 22. They were assigned to Ferrero’s second Brigade, Sturgis’ second division, Reno’s ninth Corps. Joseph was a private. They joined the army at the Potomac. The 35 regiment fought at Antietam, the bloodiest battle in the war. The regiment lost 214 men, 69 of which were killed or mortally wounded. They also fought at Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862. Months later the regiment moved to Newport News, Virginia and then was sent with the 9th Corps of Kentucky to the area around Mount Sterling. They then moved to support General Grant for four weeks.

          On August 14, the 35th regiment reached Cincinnati, and then went to Tennessee. There it helped defend the city against General Longstreet. It was a close battle but after it was won, the 35th regiment moved to Blain’s Cross Roads. Then, in 1864, the regiment moved to Cincinnati, and from here, on April 1, they went to Annapolis. During the Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of Spotsylvania the 35th regiment was in charge of the supply train but was not fighting in the battle. They returned to the brigade on May 17 and was engaged in war again, on the 25th, at Cold Harbor and Petersburg. The regiment went from fort to fort and after receiving many new recruits they followed General Robert E Lee’s army to Farmville where they heard of the surrender. They were added to the 29th regiment and on July 27 paid off and discharged.

          Joseph P. Day left the 35th regiment sick. After he came home, on November 26, 1868, he married Georgie Brett, who was born in South Paris, Maine. They had a long happy marriage until 1893, when Joseph died. The causes of Joseph’s death along with his grave could not be found.

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