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George W. Cole

Researcher: Ryan Cornelius


          George W. Cole, Jr. was the son of George W. Cole, Sr. born around 1804. He was about 23 years old when he joined the 45th Massachusetts militia, which was an infantry unit. He was a private in C Company and was expected to serve 9 months.

            During fall of 1862, the 45th militia met up at Camp Meigs, Reedville. Its main camp was set on the banks of the Trent River. While most of the regiment was part of a journey to Goldsboro led by general foster. C Company broke off on November 29th headed to Morehead City. They would not reconnect with the group until January 3rd of 1863. On March 14th the 45th regiment were onlookers of a battle in New Bern, NC, which had been captured by General Ambrose P. Burnside. C Company got its first and last taste of real combat on April 28th while on the railroad headed towards Goldsboro when they were attacked by the Confederates attacked.

          For the remainder of the war the 45th regiment stayed in camps near the general vicinity of New Bern until it returned home and ended its term of service.

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