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Charles Scott

          Charles H. Scott was born 19th of June 1847 to Charles, a carpenter, and Sarah Scott. His grandparents were Mahetabel and Otis Scott.

          Charles H. Scott was a soldier that fought in the Civil War under Ambrose E. Burnside, Joseph Hooker and Ulysses S. Grant who were the three major commanders of Scott’s unit. Scott was attached to the 2nd Brigade in the 2nd Division of the 9th Army Corps also known as the Army of the Potomac. The Army of the Potomac was formed on the 1st of August in 1862 in Worcester and left for Washington D.C. the 22nd of August. During Scott’s time of enlistment in the 35th Infantry he was a Private until the war was over.

          One of Scott’s first battles was Fredericksburg, also known as Marye’s Heights on December the 11th - 15th in 1862. At the time of this battle Scott was only 15 years old. This battle was commanded by General Burnside and General Lee. Union losses were 13,353 Confederate losses 4,576 out of the 17,929 fighting. November 14th, Burnside led the Army to attack Prospect Hill and Marye’s Heights with staggering casualties. This battle ended in Confederate victory.


          Another important battle was Campbell’s Station in Knox County. Scott, at 16, was involved in repelling the Confederate attacks at the crossroads. When Campbell’s Station was taken by the Union, Knoxville was also gained. This resulted in a Union victory. The estimated casualties were 970 Union and 570 Confederate.

          North Anna was another battle Scott was a part of under the command of Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant. This battle was also known as Jericho Mill, Hanover Junction, and Telephone Bridge. North Anna was fought the 23rd - 26th of May in 1864, meaning Scott was only 17. Neither side had a clear win in this battle. The Union was repulsed at Ox Ford but gained ground on the Confederate’s right at Doswell House. Casualties resulted in a total of 4,000 men.

          Still under the command of U. S. Grant Scott’ s next battle was Hanover County. This was another inconclusive battle between Grant and Meade at Totopomoy Creek. Mainly an infantry battle with little cavalry on the flanks. The losses for this battle were totaled at 2,200 men, 1,100 on each side.

          Scott was discharged at 18, still a Private. Following that war Scott married an Amanda M. and became a blacksmith.

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