Current Rotating Exhibits


Now is an important time to think about how history is preserved and how what we choose to save will determine how we will be seen by posterity. This exhibit shares some of the stories which have been collected and asks that you consider sharing your COVID-19 stories with us. More information about the Museum's COVID-19 Archive Project can be found here.


This exhibit honors the history of the Davis Thayer School Building alongside the students and teachers who occupied it for almost a century.

New and Upcoming Exhibits


The Franklin Historical Museum exhibits our collections on both a permanent and rotating basis. Come visit us and see history come to life!

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Timeline of Franklin History


Showcasing important dates, facts, and figures from Franklin's vibrant past, this exhibit details the history of the Town and displays some of the Museum's most exciting collection materials.

The Life of Horace Mann

Born in Franklin on May 4, 1796, Horace Mann is one of Franklin's most famous sons. This exhibit details his amazing life and accomplishments as an lawyer, educator, statesman, abolitionist, and humanitarian.

The Clara J. Foss Johnston Memorial Federal Parlor at the Oliver Pond House

The Federal Parlor Room is a marvelous example of what living in Franklin's oldest home would have been like in the 1800s.