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Michael Sullivan

Researchers: Amy Morimoto and Lucas Girolamo


          Michael O. Sullivan was born in Ireland in the year of 1841. The Sullivan family moved to the United States in search of a new life due to the potato famine. They relocated to Mansfield, Massachusetts. Jeremiah, the father of Michael, sought out a career as a minor. His wife Margaret gave birth to four children: Mary, Michael, Margaret, and Peter.


          Michael O. Sullivan enlisted in the 45th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. Enlisting in September of 1862, he was a member of Company C as a private. His commander was Charles R. Codman. From September 26 to October 28, the 45th regiment organized at Camp Meigs in Readville. After this, they traveled to the state of North Carolina. Here, on the date of December 12, the troops settled on the banks of the Trent. The Trent River is situated near New Bern. Soon after, they moved to Morehead City on the Steamboat called the “Mississippi”. Two days later on December 14, 1862, in Kinston, General John G. Foster and his company were on a mission to Goldsborough. Their plan was to disturb the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad brigade. After the skirmish, the confederates were significantly outnumbered. In turn, they withdrew north. As a result, 43 were wounded and 15 killed. On December 16, at White Hall, a southern brigade was located at the north bank of the Neuse River. The Confederates tried stopping them, but the union soldiers persisted on towards the railroad. (Consequently, four were killed and six-teen wounded.) On December 18, the regiment marched backed to New Bern. They arrived at the previous camp on December 21. A month later, on January 17, Michael O. Sullivan took part in the reconnaissance to Trenton. Five days later, the company returned. From then (January 26) until April 26, they served as a guard for the city of New Bern. During this time period, there was one battle that occurred, although, the 45th regiment was not in action. The following day, the unit set off on an expedition to Core Creek by using the railroad. (Four were wounded and one was killed during the trip.) From April 28 to June 24, 1863, Michael Sullivan and company settled into a camp near Fort Spinola. They proceeded to Morehead City on June 24. There, they took transports to Boston. Their destination, Boston, Massachusetts was reached on June 30, 1863. They were properly greeted and welcomed by many. The subsequent month, Company C was honorably discharged on July 8, 1863.


          Michael O. Sullivan happily married Margaret Sullivan. As Michael was 20, and Margaret, 19, they gave birth to their son Stephen H. Michael had moved back to his home in Franklin. By the time Sullivan was 40, he and his son, were employed as woolen mill workers.

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