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Commission Members

Alan Earls- Chairperson (Contact at or 508-560-3786)

 - Vice Chair

Phyllis Malcolm - Treasurer

Paul Pisani

Randy LaRosa

Jan Prentice

Scott Mason

Associate Members

Will Lee - Treasurer

Kai Olsson

Meeting Info

The Historical Commission usually meets the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Historical Museum, 80 W. Central St.

Contact Us!




Franklin Historical Commission

c/o Town of Franklin

355 East Central Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Franklin Historical Commission

Founded in 1970, the Franklin Historical Commission is composed of seven appointed voting members and several associate members. The mission of the Historical Commission is to preserve, protect, and develop the historic and archaeological assets of Franklin.

The Historical Commission works to preserve the history of the Town of Franklin by identifying, describing, and locating buildings, structures, objects, areas, burial grounds, landscape features, and other sites that are of historical, architectural, or archaeological importance to the community. Many of the Town's historical assets are housed at the Franklin Historical Museum on West Central Street. The Historical Commission works alongside the Archivist to make sure that these items are cared for properly.

The Historical Commission partners with the Building Commissioner to manage the Demolition Delay Bylaw in Town as well as with the Director of Planning and Community Development to monitor the Town’s entries on the National Registers of Historic Districts and Buildings.

The Historical Commission hosts a Second Sunday Speaker Series at the Franklin Historical Museum each month. The Series engages the public in interesting and informative lectures on a monthly basis. It is currently in the planning stages for the second half of 2021 now that Covid restrictions have been lifted. The Commission also looks forward to returning to its annual participation in all Downtown Partnership events.

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