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Granville Morse

Researcher: Callie Peters


          Granville Morse was born in 1843 as the second child in his family. He was married to Catherine E. Morse. His mother, Hannah Gleason, had five children, the oldest being Hannah, then Granville, Maria Ann, and George, followed by Henry. Granville’s father was Peter Morse, who was born on December 15th 1761.


          Granville's birth place is near Middlesex, Franklin, Wrentham or Natick. He was enlisted on may 20th 1861 at the age of 19. He left his farming life to become part of the union in the civil war fighting for rights as a teenager in the north. He enlisted as a private in company I, 18th regiment of Massachusetts on august 24th 1861. He then reenlisted in company I, 18th regiment on may 15th 1864. He transferred on October 21st 1864 to the same regiment, and one last time to company G, 32nd regiment. He fought many battles in his enlistment years. He began fighting the Hanover Court House Battle in May. He then moved on to Bull Run, which took place at prince William county. It lasted from August 28th to the 30th in 1862, when Morse was 20 years old. The principal commanders were general john pope, General Robert Lee, and Major General Thomas J. Jackson. The Confederates won the battle. Then was Anteitam. Next was Shepherdstown in September, finishing with Rappahannock Station in November, and Mine Run, later that month.


          In 1861, he reenlisted, but continued to fight for the 18th regiment, fighting the battles of Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna, Totopotomoy, Cold Harbor. Then in 1864 he moved to the 32nd regiment.


          The last available record of the veteran was his 87th year in Massachusetts. In 1930, Granville Morse was 87 years old. He left his wife widowed not long after 1935. In 1930 he lived in Norfolk, Massachusetts with his wife. Documents of children are unavailable. he is buried near Franklin Massachusetts as a veteran of the Civil War, regiments 18 and 32.

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