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Albert Davis Nason

          Albert Davis Nason was a hero from the time of the civil war. He had a family a job and yet he still fought in this civil war. He was a brave militiaman that was apart of the 45 Massachusetts regiment, company c. He was thirty-eight years old when he was fighting and fought in many battles. He lived in Norfolk but left to go fight in the war.    

          He was born in July 13, 1841. His mothers name was Percy Nason and his fathers name was Gorge. He was a married with man that lived with his wife in Norfolk. He was also corset manufacturer. But during the war he was on the union side.

          He fought in many battles but there two main battles that he fought in. The battle at White Hall and the battle at Kinston. His side won the battle at Kinston but at the battle at white hall it was inconclusive. His Regiment reached the battle on December 16. The battle was vary fierce and it was mostly a federalist and confederate battle but the union was heeded toward the rail read to shut it down. Unfortunately the union never made it there. But at the battle at Kinston it was a different story. There main goal was to take the river road south of the Neuse River and to stop the confederates. All there goals were met. The confederates were highly out numbered and retreated north of the Neuse river. So everything just fell into place for the union army during that battle. Some other battles that he fought in were the battle of Goldsboro on December  17. Also he was apart of an expedition toward Kinston, he when to Fort Spinola, mouth of Trent  and he was apart of a reconnaissance mission towards Trenton  that lasted from January 17 threw the 22ond. But his company eventually split away from the regiment shortly after the reconnaissance mission. His company detached from the regiment at Morehead city  on June  26.  But eventual his entire regiment was lost during the service. 19 enlisted men were killed and mortally wounded and 32 enlisted men were killed but disease. No one really knows what happened to Albert D. Nason, but we do know that he was a brave and noble soldier.

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