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Charles R. Adams

Researcher: Nick Antonopoulos

          Charles R. Adams first enlisted in the Civil War in June of 1862. He was assigned to fight with the 41st Massachusetts Infantry. Later in the war, he was promoted to the 3rd Massachusetts Calvary. He fought under General Sheridan and died in the Battle of Berryville on September 19, 1864. He is just one of the few ordinary men from Massachusetts who gave their lives during the Civil War.


            The Battle of Berryville was fought in Berryville, Virginia. The two forces involved were the Union under Major General Philip Sheridan and the Confederates under Lieutenant General Jubal Early. The battle was fought from September 3 to September 4, 1864. Early tried attacking Sheridan's position, but soon realized that they were entrenched and could not do any further damage. Early withdrew his forces back to Opequon Creek. The battle was inconclusive. Adams was apart of one of only a few groups to attack during the battle because he was in the cavalry and was one of only five hundred men to die because of this battle. Since Adams died on September 19, 1864, it can be assumed that Adams was wounded during the battle and then died a few weeks later.


            Although there is scarce information about Charles R. Adams' family life, it is assumed he lived in Massachusetts because he served under that regiment. Also, because Adams was in the 3rd Cavalry, it is likely that he was a farmer trained and skilled in horseback riding. The only known relative for Adams is his father, Peter. 

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