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Alfred J. Fitzpatrick

          Alfred J. Fitzpatrick was born on the 13th of October in 1839. He was a Private in the civil war. Before he enlisted into the civil war, on August 24, 1861, his occupation was a stonecutter. Alfred was in the 18th Massachusetts regiment and resided in Franklin Massachusetts. He was discharged from the army on account of disability on the 8th of December. 

        Alfred Fitzpatrick and his regiment fought in the second Bull Run. This battle was an important victory for the north. Although not as important as the first Bull Run it still held significance to the war. He was also in Shepard Town battle, this battle wasn’t that important and was a loss for the north, and there were only 4 casualties. Also he fought in Fredericksburg, Chancellors Vile. Also he fought in Gettysburg. That battle was especially important in the war and was a victory for the north. More battles that he fought in are Rappahannock station, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and Weldon Railroad.

        The living conditions for soldiers in the civil war were terrible. It was cold most of the time and their shelter was a leather tent. The 18th Massachusetts regiment often went hungry according to letters to their families. The food they did get was unseasoned pork a loaf of bread and water. Their shoes were stiff leather and created hundreds of blisters on one’s foot. This was because they marched everywhere they went.

        The civil war hero I researched on was Alfred J. Fitzpatrick. He was a private in the civil war and was discharged because of disability. His father’s name was Jack Fitzpatrick. He was a brave soldier. He resided in Franklin Massachusetts and is buried here also. He shall be remembered as a brave fighter in the civil war.

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