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George L. Partridge

Researcher: Lauren Dalton


            Throughout the Civil War, many brave soldiers put their lives on the line to help the United States fight for what they believed in. Many of these soldiers were from our hometown of Franklin, Massachusetts. One of these soldiers was by the name of George L. Partridge. George was a musician and accomplished many things throughout his serving time. His father was named Seth and wife’s name was Harriet. Harriet was from Rhode Island and was in charge of keeping the house. George L. Partridge was in the 42nd regiment, Mass infantry and was apart of company B. George spent one hundred days in the war. This company was organized at Camp Meigs, Reedville on November 11, 1862. From there they left for New York and arrived in East New York on November 22. Together they sailed on the “Saxon” arriving at Ship Island on December 14 and in New Orleans on December 16. The biggest battle for George and his troop was Port Hudson. This battle lasted from May 21 until July 9, 1863. The principal commanders of this battle were Major General Nathaniel P. Banks and Major General Franklin Gardner. Many groups were involved in this battle such as, XIX army crops, Army of the Gulf, Confederate forces, 3rd district Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The casualties were very high throughout this battle about 12,208 total soldiers would die by the time this battle ended. In cooperation with Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s offensive against Vicksburg, Union Major General Nathaniel P. Bank’s army moved against the Confederate stronghold at Port Hudson on the Mississippi River. On May 27, after their frontal assaults the Federals settled into a siege, which lasted for 48 days. Banks renewed his assaults on June 14 but the defenders successfully repelled them. On July 9, 1863, after hearing of the fall of Vicksburg, the Confederate garrison of Port Hudson surrendered, opening the Mississippi River to Union navigation from its source to New Orleans. After George and his troop were all done at Port Hudson they made an expedition to Donaldsville starting on 13th and ending on July 21st. Many of the men form the 42nd regiment laid a bridge across Bayou Lafourche about 280 feet long. During their time at battle this regiment four enlisted men were killed or wounded very badly and horrible diseases struck two officers and forty- four men. About fifty men were battle injured by the end of the war. In conclusion, many people helped make our civil war successful and many of these men were from Franklin, Massachusetts. George L. Partridge played a big part in helping his company and regiment throughout the war.

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