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Theron Metcalf

Theron Metcalf, born in Franklin, Massachusetts on October 16, 1784, was a lawyer and politician. He graduated from Rhode Island College, now Brown University, in 1805 and began his legal studies. In 1808, he was admitted to the bar of the Court of Common Pleas and in 1811 to the bar of the Commonwealth. In 1809, Metcalf began practicing law in Dedham, Massachusetts and served as Norfolk County Attorney for twelve years. On November 5, 1809, he married Julia Tracy and the pair had three children - George Tracy Metcalf, William Pitt Metcalf, and Julia Metcalf.


Metcalf was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1831, 1833, and 1834, serving as chairman of the Judiciary Committee all three years, and the Massachusetts Senate in 1835. In 1839, he was appointed Reporter of the decisions of the court and held the position until he was given a seat on the Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1848. Metcalf served as an Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court from February 1848 to August 1865.


Theron Metcalf died in his home in Boston, Massachusetts on November 12, 1875.

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