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Oliver Pond

Oliver Pond, born in Wrentham, Massachusetts on March 22, 1725, was a militia officer and grist miller who built the oldest house in Franklin, Massachusetts. He married Anna Metcalf on March 23, 1752 in Wrentham and the pair had twelve children, Judith in 1753, Chloe in 1755, Susanna in 1757, Abigail in 1759, Sylvester in 1761, Edena in 1763, Solomon in 1766, Oliver Jr., in 1768, Goldsbury in 1770, Anne in 1773, Metcalf in 1774, and Samuel in 1777.


In 1760, Pond built a four room half-house on 2,200 acres of land located in Unionville which was part of the precinct which broke away from Wrentham in 1778 to become the Town of Franklin. The home would later be owned by their son Goldsbury and still stands today on West Central Street.


Oliver Pond died in Franklin on December 14, 1800.

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