Rupert Chute

The life of Rupert J. Chute


            Rupert J. Chute born March 7,1848, lived in Canada and the moved to Salem Massachusetts. Prior to the civil war he worked as a tinsmith and then joined the army to fight for the union. His Parents were Isaiah and Priscilla Chute, Rupert married Lelia Robinson in 1867 had three kids two with Lelia and one with another women and was divorced on grounds of adultery in April1878.During the war Rupert was in the 8th regiment C Company and was the captain’s boy. Later he was reend as the drummer boy. His death date not known but he died in Salem Ma. Youngest of the Massachusetts vets, went to the front as "Captain's boy". Signed as a drummer boy in Co B, 7th MVM there were many parts to the 8th regiment there was the infantry which was the men fighting on the field face to face and then you had the artillery they would stay way back and fire cannons at the enemy to kill them and to keep them from over running there headquarters Rupert was in the infantry unit and was a very successful fighter he was very liked by the captain so he became the captains boy he would run errands for the captain and tell the other leaders vital information on the strategies of the battles and where the battles were going to be, just incase they needed reinforcements. After the war he went to live with his parents on a farm in Salem because he went abrupt and could not afford to pay taxes on his house, soon he would die of consumption and his death date is not known.