Lowell W Adams

Researcher: Robbie Collatos

            Lowell W. Adams was a Civil War soldier.  He lived In Franklin along with his father Oran Adams.  Lowell W. Adams enlisted into the 45th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment in September 15, 1862.  He was a private and part of company C.  Company C was detached at Morehead City, North Carolina from November 29, 1862, until January 3, 1863.  The 45th Regiment suffered more casualties than any other regiment departed in North Carolina.  On January 26 until April 25, 1863 the regiment was used as a post guard at Newberne.  Then on April 25 they moved to the mouth of the Trent on the south side of the Neuse River.  Then they moved toward Kinston up the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad from April 27, until May 1.  Then they camped near Fort Spinola at the mouth of the Trent till June 29.  Eventually Lowell mustered out of the 45th Regiment and then joined the 18th Regiment on February 2, 1864. 

            In the 18th Regiment Lowell W. Adams was a private and a boot-maker.  He was part of Company I.  In the 18th Regiment he was near Brandy Station and Sevensburg until May 1864.  Then the Regiment Campaigned from the Rapidan to the James form May until June.  Lowell W. Adams and the 18th Regiment, along with all the other regiments involved where under Ulysses S. Grants during the battle of the Wilderness, on May 5 till May 7.  In this battle the union never backed off and there where 29,800 casualties overall.  Then who was left of the 18th Regiment went to Laurel Hill on May 8th and then moved to Spottsylvania from May8 until May 12.  They where at Spottsylvania Court House on May 12 until May 21 under the command again of Ulysses S. Grant. On May 12 the 18th Regiment had an assault on the Salient.  Also in the battle at Spottsylvania Court House there was an estimated 30,000 dead and it lasted from May 12 until May 21. Then the 18th Regiment went to the North Anna River from May 23 to May 28.  At North Anna River, under the command of Grant, there was about 4,00 people killed and the results of the battle where inconclusive.  On May 23 they where at Jericho Ford.  The 18th Regiment then was on the lines of the Pamukey from may 26 till May 28.  They where then at the battle, Totopotomoy May 28 to May 31.  At Totopotomoy Creek there was another inconclusive ending and 2,200 dead. Also they where at the battle, Cold Harbor June 1 till June 12.  Cold Harbor was another Confederate Victory that there was overall 15,500 dead.  In this battle both armies formed a seven-mile front that went from Bethesda Church to the Chickahominy River.  During that battle the 18th Regiment was at Betheseda Church on June 1 till June 3, then they moved out of the battle.  Lastly Lowell was with the 18th Regiment for the siege of Petersburg from June 16 till October 21.

            On October 21, 1864 Lowell W. Adams, along with many other soldiers from the 18th Regiment, mustered into the 32nd Massachusetts Infantry.  He was part of Company A as a Private. The 32nd Massachusetts Infantry was not around for long.  The 32nd Massachusetts Infantry was discharged, on July 11, 1865.  However shortly before Lowell W. Adams was wounded and had an honorable discharge from the war on June 25, 1865.