George A Kingsbury

Researcher: Glen Hartmann

George A. Kingsbury was a solider in the civil war that lived in Norfolk

Massachusetts.  He was born on July 19, 1938 and his dad was named Horatio

and his mom was Adelia.  On May 2nd, 1871 he got married to his wife, Luisa

M. Richardson.  He was a farmer as well as his dad.  His full name is George

Allen Kingsbury.


He was apart of the 42nd regiment and he was in company B.  He was in the

service for only 9 months with company B.  The commander of the 42nd

regiment company B was Lieutenant Col. Joseph Stedman who was from Medfield.

  The 42nd regiment was only listed for 100 days.  They started out on the

“Quincy” steamer that arrived in Hilton Head South Carolina, which later

brought the troops to New Orleans.


He was later jailed in Brashear city Louisiana and later paroled and

discharged.  The 42nd regiment was one of the few regiments to fill up the

quota for 300,000 men for nine months. Stedman and his troops were sent to

Bayou Gentilly, 12 miles northeast from New Orleans and near Lake

Ponchartrain, These companies were detached at different times.  In June,

100 men were detached to Brashier City and attached to the battalion of the

47th Regiment.


He was later put in jail in the Brashear City jail.  This was not serious

because shortly after his jail time he was paroled and discharged.  On June

23 the garrison at Brashear City was captured and forty-six men of the 42nd

Regiment were also captured and among them was George.  The 42nd regiment

had suffered severe losses in battles and had seen very hard service.  After

the time it left at camp Readville the regiment had never been in line. 

From then on it went to destinations in different transports.


            George Allen Kingsbury was a dedicated solider to the 42nd and though all

that he went through with getting jailed and fighting still managed to come

home alive.