William G. Adams

William G. Adams was born to Gardner and Unice Adams in the 1800s. He belonged to Company K of the 45th Regiment, MA. The 45th Regiment was a new militia regiment made in response to the call of August 4, 1862, for nine months troops. Adams’ company, company K, was organized at Camp Meigs, Readville, on October 7th, 1862. The regiment went to a camp that was established near Trent River near Fort Gaston. It was called Armory’s Brigade of Foster’s Division, there they camped and followed a routine until they finally came in contact with war. This happened on December 14th at Kinston. 15 of their men were killed and 43 were wounded. Their involvement continued again December 16th in Whitehall. From there the regiment went back to their original camp near the Trent River. They then were assigned post guards at Newberne from January 26th, April 25th 1863. Until about June 24th they were moved to Fort Spinola near the mouth of the Trent River. Then they were headed for Boston, MA and were mustered out July 8th, 1863. All together the regiment lost a total of 51 men. However, this did not include William Adams. He survived fortunately, and became a machinist. He was married on August 31, 1866 to Lillian Holt. There was no record of the date William G. Adams died. Thankfully, he was able to help fight for the Union on the Civil War and was not killed and able to carry on with his life.